About Us


Simlaw Seed Company Limited, a subsidiary of Kenya Seed Company, is a leading vegetable seed marketing company with over 30 years of experience in production, processing and marketing of horticultural seeds in Kenya and the Eastern Africa region.


SIMLAW SEEDS history runs back to 9th October 1929 when two English Gardeners Simpson and Whitelaw registered the company then under Indian companies’ act 1882. In 1968 the company was acquired by Kirchoff East Africa, a South African based company.

Kenya Seed Company acquired Simpson and Whitelaw in 1979. In 2002 it was registered as Simlaw Seeds Company Limited. The main responsibility of Simlaw Seeds is producing, importing, marketing and distributing superior and reliable vegetables seeds for commercial and domestic use. The company has a wide range of seeds that have penetrated the market well and include Cabbage varieties, Onions and Tomatoes that are adaptable to various climatic conditions and adequately meet the local demand.

Other food crop seeds specifically selected for High, Medium and Low altitudes; Bush type beans such as GLP 2 (Rosecoco), GLP 92 (Mwitemania), GLP 24 (Canadian Wonder) and Climber Bean varieties such as Kenya Safi and Kenya Tamu. Simlaw Seeds Company continues to play a major role in the agricultural sector in the East African Region through strategic partnership, extension services and introduction of products into the market that are geared towards increasing food sufficiency and social well being of farmers. Simlaw Seeds signifies a strong heritage of seed diversity.




To avail superior certified seeds and other agricultural inputs to optimize productivity.


A global force in the  agro-industry.

Core Values

We are driven by the following values:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity 
  •  Innovation 
  • Customer focus

Core Business

We research, import, process and market Superior and Reliable certified vegetable and other seed varieties for the domestic and regional markets..